Wow, if I’d thought I was a bad blogger before, I’m OFFICIALLY the worst blogger ever now!  Between family bouts of pneumonia over Christmas (awesome right?), painting, commissions, and life in general I haven’t had time for much,  New Years resolution (yup, totally aware that it’s March… Is it still cool to be fashionably, fashionably, bordering on rude, late?) is to be a better multitasker, I mean why can’t a person write a blog, eat scrambled eggs, paint a picture AND change a diaper at the same time?  It’s a realistic goal right?  Well, at the very least I am managing to type and eat eggs right now… it’s a start.  Plus I’ve put in a request with evolution to fast track me a 3rd arm.

So what have been up to you ask (ok I’m at least going to pretend that you asked)?  Well I’ve managed to check an item off my bucket list: I’ve managed to acquire not 1 but 2 commissions from people I don’t know and am not related to…not that I don’t appreciate the support I’ve received from friends or family or friends of family and friends, but it’s really validating to know that someone randomly chose you to do work for them based solely on the fact that they like your work, not that whole ‘my mom thinks I’m cool’ thing (which the jury’s still out on even THAT).  So upon receiving said commissions I decided to open up an Etsy Store since said commission pieces also happen to be out of country bound.  I figured having  an online store on Etsy might make things a little easier for all parties, plus it’s a fantastic chance for me to partake in some more shameless self promoting.  Now, making a store on their site is actually very easy, in theory, if you don’t have 3 children and your husband is not out of town and there isn’t 7 feet of snow on your horrifyingly LONG driveway (ok it wasn’t QUITE 7 feet but it was still a lot AND it was -30C…there is no amount of outerwear that you can dress up in that will make THAT ok).  However, in the end, I managed to set it all up (took 3 days, mind you, and there was some definite closet hiding to do it, but I managed!).  So I’m an officially a working artist, feel free to check out the fruits of my labour at:


my commissions so far (the 1st is almost dry and ready for a lighthouse on the left while the second, entitled ‘The Proposal’, is done and drying):



I promise to return with more blogging in a more timely fashion (not 3 months!!)