I’ve recently come across a bunch a small 5″x7″ (and some even smaller) canvases that I’ve been storing in my basement and decided that rather than let them continue to collect dust I should probably use them for something.  You know, that whole use up all my old canvases (and wow did I acquire A LOT over the years) thing I’ve embarked on.  Anyway, they are really quite fun to work with as I can basically complete a painting in a single evening (possibly 2 depending the detail of the piece and my children’s willingness to stay sleeping…).  This past week I decided to do a little flower study (again I use the word ‘study’ as it makes me sound like a real artist and, let’s face it, it sounds a whole lot cooler than ‘flowers are pretty’).  I think part of my decision was a reaction to the million feet of snow that we just received in one foul swoop…yeah the snow I had to shovel with a quad that hates me, THAT snow (see my last post for all the gory details).  Yup, in my denial of winter I decided to paint flowers, starting with the sunflower which is fast becoming one of my favourite things to paint (it may have actually replaced the rose as #1).  After that I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I opened it up to fans of my Facebook page (that’s right FANS, even though I only have 75 actual likes, most of which are either related to me or friends I’ve threatened made to feel guilty enough to ‘like’ my page, ‘fans’ just has a nicer ring to it…I have to add that I am truly grateful for their support and welcome to the few folks that found my page and ‘liked’ it of their own accord :D) to help me decide which flower to do next.  My cousin Andrea suggested the stargazer lily which became study #2, my friend Shelley wanted a carnation for #3 and Amanda picked lilacs for #4.  Now the crappy weather wasn’t the only reason for choosing this particular subject, I did have a sneaky ulterior motive. You see, I’ve been commissioned by my husband’s auntie Betty to paint 2 paintings of potted flower arrangements and thought a little flower painting practice might be in order since I have to jump out of my comfort zone into the land of acrylics for these pieces.  She has a couple frames that she wants to use and since they have glass included oil paint just won’t do.  After a few practice pieces that have become rather nice additions to my walls at home I feel I am ready to tackle my commission.  I’ll keep you updated!


They’re all 5″x7″ oil paintings.  $35 each if anyone happens to be interested 🙂  Check out my Facebook page for more info (see what I did there, shameless self promotion and sneakily attempting to acquire more page likes on Facebook…I’m awesome :P)