• This post has definitely been the most difficult one to actually POST.  Not only is this the SECOND draft (the earlier one, ahem, somehow got deleted after I hit publish…insert angry, frustrated frowny face shaking it’s fist here) but my kids have been especially resistant to my blogging.  I’m pretty sure I’ve explored just about every dark corner of my house, skulking about, laptop or iPad in hand writing a sentence here or a sentence there before somebody NEEDS me or there is some kind of battle royale going on in the background.  It also doesn’t help that my husband is out of town for weeks at a time every once in a while and being a single mom of 3 small boys is not an easy task (duh).  Anyway, I seem to have found the perfect hiding  writing spot in my closet (quite frankly if it wasn’t snowing I’d have tried the roof) so I might be lucky enough to publish this before I have to go shovel my driveway…yup it’s 10:30pm, kids are finally in bed after swimming lessons but I realized I’d left the keys in the quad.  The battery is now dead (awesome) so before I can shovel so I can actually get out of my driveway tomorrow I need to charge the battery for TWO HOURS.  Forgive the shouty capitals but I’m frustrated…
  • Ok battery charged, half the driveway is shovelled and THE WINCH CABLE BREAKS.  Really?!  Finally, a little pushing snow around and dragging my blade a bit and I’ve managed to complete the shovelling process 2 DAYS LATER.  Yup that level of frastration defnitely warrants more shouty capitals.  As you can tell this post has become a multi day post and I’m not even going to edit that out, nope, not changing tenses, nothing,  Sorry for that but if I keep revisiting and editing I will be 90 before I publish this and I REALLY want to show you guys ‘Riviere’ as I’m rather proud of it 🙂  
  • So as I’ve mentioned before it started as a picture my friend Kristin took in Europe.  It was a rather dreary day but I fell in love with the composition so I had her e-mail it to me.  I had a large canvas sitting in my basement studio that I’d been hanging on to for just this type of inspiration.  Problem was I didn’t haven’t have the confidence to deviate from the original photograph so I started painting what I saw in acrylic (easier clean up, faster drying time as I’d mentioned earlier, seemed like a good post babies idea).  Then there was the other issue, I really didn’t care for painting in acrylic and something about that dreary day was bothering me as well.  So all 3 feet by 4 feet of my painting returned to the storage room to gather dust for a few more years.   Now fast forward to the last couple of months where I’ve been completing more paintings during this short span than I’ve managed to finished in my entire life (kids in bed, husband being out of town and there’s not a lot on TV is the perfect recipe for artwork in the evenings to pass the time…plus, you know, the fact that I LOVE painting and drawing in general, that helps too).  My skills are improving every day and I’ve taken a lot of the pressure off myself by not caring if I mess up, calling it all part of the creative process.  This has greatly improved my confidence which is why I felt capable of tackling these unfinished pieces of days gone by.  Plus what did I have to lose?  I’d already given up on them anyways so they could only get better anyway.  So I took Kristin’s beautiful, albeit dreary, picture of a river and changed the season from early spring to summer and turned up the sun a little (embracing my love for bright colours) et voila: ‘Riviere’