So I’m wandering around in my garage newly hijacked art drying studio (shhh don’t tell my husband…I’m hoping he doesn’t notice that his work benches are now covered in wet paintings..).  Anyway, I’m wandering looking at a few works in progress and a new idea just hits me!  And I just had to share because I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for my next random artistic inspiration (LOVE the whole captive audience thing that a blog allows for)…Waiting or not here it is.  I completely fell in love with a picture my friend Kristin took on her European travels a few years back.  It’s a lovely river running through a forest type of scene and I had a really big canvas to use up so I started painting it.  At the time my second son was just a baby (in that under 1 year old zone that really only allows for painting in 10 minute intervals) so I decided to try Open Acrylics because they dry slower than regular acrylics but aren’t quite as messy as oils (which is my favourite type of paint if you haven’t noticed).  I figured this would make the best use of my 10 minute interval and the clean up wouldn’t be as insane.  Since I was new at the whole more than 1 kid thing I hadn’t yet figured out that painting and babies and 3 year olds all together don’t really mix well no matter what type of paint you are using.  Plus I realized that I really don’t like acrylics as much I like oils, perhaps I just can’t commit and the drying time needs to be several days rather than minutes (or a few hours depending on the pigment of the Open Acrylic…still not enough for me I guess) and I just LOVE the butteriness of oils (‘butteriness’ may or may not be a new word I just made up…).  So the piece got started and then retired into my basement storage room studio to collect dust with my other fantastic ideas.  Until last night when I decided that I could use oils to cover up acrylics and that I wanted that gigantic canvas out of the basement anyway because it was taking up a lot of space.  I painted a few more trees and left it to dry in the garage where I was struck by inspiration this afternoon.  Having just brought ‘Pluie’ into the house I noticed how similar the curvy trees were (I’ll have to ask Kristin where she took this picture, it could very well be Paris as well).  The photo I’m working with now (the river) is of a very overcast day and though I’m in love with the composition the colours just aren’t as vibrant as I usually like.  This led me to think: ‘why not deepen those colours, like the browns and greens in ‘Pluie’?’  Then I remembered something my friend Jameson had said to me: ‘before you added that person I’d thought you were going to add a river under that tree (in ‘Pluie’)’.  Et voila!  I’m going to add my own touches to this new piece and make it a sister painting to ‘Pluie’, a study or a series if you will!  Aren’t you excited?!  I am (duh)!  Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far and tonight I’m going to make the sky more blue and start adding moss 🙂


I’m going to call it ‘Riviere’ (there should be an ‘accent grave’ over that first e but can’t seem to make my computer cooperate…)