Going through my ‘I want to make this a painting’ stash of photographs I’ve taken over the years I found quite a few that still inspire me.  One in particular was a picture I took of a spiderweb hanging from the mountain ash in my backyard.  It was 2 years ago in the middle of the night (or rather VERY early morning) and my husband and I were trying to finish an epic outdoor renovation before the snow started falling…living in Canada that should have been mid October at best but we lucked out that year and temperatures were mild until November and snow didn’t arrive until just before Christmas.  Now you must be noticing a nighttime trend here.  Just as kids don’t make painting during the day particularly easy they don’t really allow for major renovations to happen at that time either, hence all the late nights when something has to be done.  Anyway, just as we were calling it quits for the night morning, my husband called me over to look at a spiderweb suspended from our tree.  It wasn’t just that it was a spiderweb (that’s not usually something special as I loath cleaning and vacuuming  LOVE decorating for Halloween, so you can often see 1 or 2 in the house…) it was the way it was lit up with the dark night sky behind it.  The moon was really bright and the moisture high so the little web appeared to be glistening.  I grabbed my camera and took a picture of it in the hopes of later using it as inspiration for a painting.  I take pictures a lot and some actually do turn into paintings (while others sit on my computer forever…).  I was worried that I would lose this one among those pictures that are inspired when I take them but later they just don’t say ‘painting!’ like they had before (or sometimes I just run out of time and they get lost).  Soon after I snapped the picture we found out we were expecting baby #3 and it did get shoved away with many others that I’d wanted to turn into paintings.  Then a few weeks ago I decided to pull out all the old pictures because I knew there had to be some good ones to use in my ‘clean the canvas out of the basement’ mission I’ve recently decided to embark on.  This mission is a good one for a few reasons: 1) my basement storage room studio is getting too cluttered, 2) art supplies are pricey and I’m cheap, 3) I have 3 boys so shopping should really be avoided at all costs (if you ever want to experience shopping with 3 boys ages 6 and under but don’t have said boys, just get 3 four legged farm animals of your choice and take them to a craft store…your mission is to keep them at your side at all times while making sure nobody is breaking, eating or pooping on anything… also make sure said farm animals REALLY don’t want to be there either nor are any of them getting along).  A long story short I managed to find a lot of great pictures, including my spiderweb, that are quickly becoming great art projects:


‘Autumn Web’ 10″x10″ oil on canvas