Worst. Blogger. Ever.  Just realized I haven’t written anything since *gasp* the 23rd of September!  Since I’ve got all this new found ‘time’ (can’t believe I just said wrote that out loud…as anyone with even 1 kid can tell you having ‘spare time’ with kids is a whole other ball game compared to spare time when you’re single…it’s so rare different it even requires ‘brackets’).  Truth is I’ve been doing a lot more painting than blogging in the evenings lately (AFTER bedtime, which is the ‘spare time’ I was referring to) and the more I do the faster things seem to be going (shocking I know, practice really DOES make a person better at their craft).  I actually have 7 in progress pieces drying in my garage with completed backgrounds plus another that only needs 1 more thing added to it’s foreground and it will be complete!  My newest piece will be called ‘Pluie’ (French word for Rain), a name that popped into my head as I was driving along in the rain listening to a Sesame Street DVD that my kids were watching for the 100th time (I don’t think I’ve ever actually SEEN this DVD since, for whatever reason, my minivan doesn’t actually ALLOW me to watch movies while I drive, something or other about SAFETY and PAYING ATTENTION…in any case I’ve HEARD it about a 100 times at least).  So obviously my mind was wandering away from Big Bird and Cookie Monster singing something about binge eating oreos and the title just came to me.  This is pretty big since I’ve openly admitted to being crap at naming pieces.  I think part of it came from my conversation with my friend Mary Gledhow, the photographer of the picture I was painting from, and Kristin Cline, the picture’s subject (who is the ‘1 more thing I have to add’).  I’d asked where the photo was taken since I’ve had a few location comments and questions since posting a picture of my in progress work on my Facebook page.  There was some debate but I’m pretty sure they decided it was taken in Paris and since Kristin is holding an umbrella in said photograph (again you shall see this hopefully by next week) it can be deduced that it was a rainy day.  Hence the name ‘Pluie’, French because of it’s location and ‘Rain’ because, well I’m sure you’ve already gotten that part.



And, while I was forgetting to blog, I also managed to sign and frame my barn painting ‘September’ that has finally dried, no thanks to the colder weather that comes with autumn *shakes fist at clouds*.  With colder temperatures come longer drying times because since I’m not a fan of my house smelling of oil paint, and let’s face it we all know how much toddlers LOVE playing with my wet paintings, I have to keep them out in my garage while they dry.  They’re at least a LITTLE safer out there.




Warning!  Shameless self promotion up ahead!

**’September’ is a 16×20 oil on canvas, framed and for sale.  Asking $365 (frame included).  See my Facebook page for more details on this piece and for more artwork available for sale.