I finally finished my barn painting the other night and it wasn’t even midnight!  That’s pretty big for me, especially because I was so sure it was either going to go well into the night or it was going to be several days.  Which isn’t unreasonable as far as paintings are concerned but I REALLY wanted this one done.  It’s been sitting downstairs collecting dust for 2 years half finished.  So when I put my brush down and stepped back to admire my work and to decide if it really was FINISHED, I nervously glanced at the clock (which I’d purposely avoided doing until this point because I REALLY wanted to be done).  It wasn’t even quite 11pm yet!  I let out a long sigh of relief (7am comes pretty quickly when you stay up until 2am creating, especially when it comes with 2 little boys running in and jumping on you JUST before that alarm goes off), cleaned up and went to bed.  I think if I’d known it would have only taken me just under 2 hours to complete I may have sucked it up and attacked it sooner (you know with all my free time hahaha).  Oh well, I’m quite pleased with my work and am now sifting through all the pictures I’d taken in the fall of 2011 when my second son was over a year and I was feeling ambitious.  Now that baby#3 is over a year that same ambition compels me to be creative once more.  Now that autumn is here I am also rather inspired every time I look out the window or take a drive.  I think it’s my favourite season for art; temperatures are milder, kids are in school (*cough, not that I don’t enjoy their company but it does give mommy a chance to work a little when they’re not trying to have a paint fight or the little one is not trying to eat said paint) and the COLOURS!  I LOVE colours.  I often leave them the way they are right out of the tube, unless absolutely necessary I’m not usually one to dull any down with mixing, the brighter the better (I was even tempted to use ‘shouty capitals’ for this last sentiment, that’s how excited I am)!  Autumnl is ever so inspiring to me, which is why I have a room full of photos sitting on top of their assigned canvases and I plan on attacking a few of them tonight (most of them are fall inspired pieces).  So stay tuned for more works, I have about 7 planned so tonight it’s background painting night!  I have to take advantage of the still warm temperatures and wind so that they dry a little faster, because as soon as it drops outside and winter arrives oil paint takes forever to dry in my garage!