Now that my boys are 1, 3 and 6 they all have actual bedtimes (I’d like to THINK this is true, the reality is that I tell them to go to bed at 8pm and after all the stories are read and the glasses of water are gotten and so on, it’s usually not exactly 8pm anymore).  So I’ll word that better: my boys SORT OF have bedtimes, in that at some point between 7:30pm and 9pm they eventually get so tired of coming up with ways to stay awake that pass out fall asleep.  This means that once I no longer hear the calls for water, stories, the untimely demise of their brother who is somehow looking at them the wrong way from BEHIND A CLOSED DOOR, etc, I can pull out the paints and haul my giant canvas in from the garage (where it is in a safer spot than it once was, though I still have to threaten a certain 3 year old’s life every time we get into the van just for good measure…bribes and threats were in the ‘Good Parenting 101’ book right?  Chapter 5 wasn’t it?).  Anyway, I literally run down the hall grabbing paint clothes and brushes and all the supplies I MAY need for the 1 hour I plan on devoting to my painting.  Plus I haul the 5 foot by 1.5 foot, awkward as hell, WET canvas down the hall to my corner in the basement beside the storage room studio.  All that WITHOUT touching anything, which never actually works out that way…I’m usually running around with baby wipes (yup bought some more!  Gold star again!) trying to see if I smeared oil paint on any walls or furniture.  Which would not only be terrible because of the negative effects bright yellow paint smear has on anyone’s decor but that oil paint can stay wet for days and I have 3 boys…think about it.  So I finally get set up and am lucky if it’s before 9pm when I start working.  And if you’ve ever done any type of art or creative anything before you know what happens when you get in THE ZONE…Yup that special place where it is just you and your art (or writing or camera or whatever you are doing) and all is right with the world.  The colours are all right, the composition is perfect, you’ve painted 2 full sunflowers…you are really excited about your piece, it seems to be flowing right out of your head, through your hands and onto your canvas.  Then you look at the clock and it’s past midnight, AGAIN.  And you know that if you are lucky enough to get to sleep through the night you are still going to have 2 little boys (the 3rd is thankfully still confined to the crib or he would be there as well) having a fight to the death in the kitchen at 6:30am (7:30am if you are REALLY lucky) over who gets to pick which box of Cheerios out of the pantry and who was stealing whose spot at the table.  You’d think I’d learn to stick to my 1 hour of painting that I always tell myself I’m ONLY going to do, but I never do and it’s always midnight again…

But I really am excited about my newest piece…tired or not, it’s really coming along 🙂