Apparently it was not a good idea to leave my 5ft by 1.5ft WET oil painting leaning up against a bench in the garage…it may have been a better plan to wrap it in plastic and attach it to the roof where my 3 year old son MIGHT not be able to get to it (and that’s a big MIGHT…if you know him you understand what I mean).  It also may or may not have been my constant “don’t touch mommy’s painting, it’s still wet” warnings that made him ever so much more curious…In any case when I said, “let’s get in the van so we can go to the park!” I was not thinking that said 3 year old has to run past said wet painting to get to said van.  I was also forgetting how the mind of a small boy works.  The ENDLESS possibilities an oily, wet, colourful canvas can hold.  The worst part was that I didn’t notice that anything was amiss until arriving at the park.  While I was unbuckling his seat belt I noticed a peculiar odour (and not the usual peculiar smells that accompany most 3 year old boys either…which was disconcerting, had I smelled poop all would have still been oddly right with the world).  No this odour was of the linseed variety and upon further inspection I realized that not only was his face yellow and green but so were his hands, shirt, and there was even a LITTLE touch of paint in his hair.  How I didn’t notice this before is beyond me (in my defence I DO have 3 little boys…it was actually a small miracle that we even made it out of the house at all and ALIVE to boot!  Gold star for me!).  As I was wondering how I didn’t see this when I buckled him up I realized he’d also ‘high fived’ the van door…5 times…with green and yellow hands…Oh and did I mention that the baby wipes had fallen out of the baby bag and were back home at the scene of the crime?  And the very moment I made this discovery was the moment my 3 year old son had to ‘go poop in the potty’.  Yup, best day ever.  Needless to say my sunflowers were looking a little worse for wear and were in need of a little TLC once my children were safely duct taped tucked in their beds.  All in all I managed to fix the little finger marks running down my sunflower and my son learned a valuable lesson: oil paint doesn’t wash well, it takes lots and lots of soap to get it off (and everyone knows that all little boys are deathly allergic to soap, it’s like kryptonite).  Mommy also learned a lesson: buy more baby wipes (oh and keep the wet paintings away from preschoolers).